Live in Russia

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Live in Russia Cover.jpg

Live in Russia

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The bars and great halls of Moscow and St. Petersburg captured on cd, a collection of our more 'lively' tunes performed to various 'lively' audiences in the Russian Republic. Feisty! Our only live cd to date, this collection of songs was recorded on our first two visits to Russia. We didn't know what we were in for and nor did the Russian audiences. The sound quality is well above average for a live album and the performances are full of verve and vigor.

Lavishly illustrated in colour, with lyrics in Russian and English.

Released in 2002.


  1. Russians       
  2. Bad    
  3. Jesus  
  4. Smell
  5. Terrible        
  6. Your Suicides           
  7. Crap  
  8. Hell    
  9. Murder         
  10. Beat Me        
  11. Tiger Lillie Line        
  12. In Her Room 
  13. 25 Minutes To Go    
  14. Gin     
  15. Mary  
  16. Heroin & Cocaine    
  17. Autumn Leaves       
  18. Weeping Chandelier          
  19. Piss On Your Grave 
  20. Five O' Clock 
  21. Alone With The Moon        
  22. Wake Up


MARTYN JACQUES: accordion, guitar, vocal
ADRIAN HUGE: drums, vocal
ADRIAN STOUT: double bass, vocal

This CD was recorded on Vodka
Bad Taste Productions are Pasha, Sergia, Max