Bad Blood And Blasphemy


Bad Blood And Blasphemy

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This release, recorded in London and Berlin in 1999, features the talents of some of Berlin’s finest Turkish musicians contributing on a few of the band’s most profane earlier songs.

Released in 1999

It would be the tinniest of reviewer clichès to say that I’ve never heard anything like this English trio, but, well, consider it said, anyway.
— Kurt Loder, Contributor, on 04.22.11 in Reviews, Wondering Sound


  1. Bad

  2. Killer

  3. Car Crash

  4. Maria

  5. Start a Fire

  6. Soho Boy

  7. Neighbour

  8. Angel

  9. XYZ

  10. Crack Of Doom

  11. Clown

  12. Rapist

  13. Salvation

  14. Dead Souls

  15. Swing 'em High


Martyn Jaques: accordion, vocals

Adrian Stout: bass, vocals 

Adrian Huge: drums, vocals


Clarinet [Girnata] – Mesut Lekesiz

Engineer – Jim Custance

Flute [Ney] – Özkan Akkilic

Harmonica [Sheng] – Wu Wei

Percussion [Derbouka, Daf, Req] – Mehmet Sayar

Strings [Baglama], Engineer, Producer – Martin Gordon

Strings [Saz] – Aykut Sensoy

Violin – Abdulraiiman Özyay

Artwork by [Photography, Design] – Blue

Artwork by [Photography] – Andrew Atkinson