Live At The New Players Theatre


Live At The New Players Theatre


Recently discovered stock of long out-of-print titles, these albums will not be re-pressed and are being made available exclusively via the website.

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The Songs of Shockheaded Peter and other Gory Verses / 27 April – 23 May 2009
The Godfathers of the alt-cabaret movement return to London with a show celebrating 20 years of dark and deviant theatrics. For the first time in years, they will perform the songs from their Olivier award-winning smash Shockheaded Peter, along with a selection of numbers from their Grammy nominated album The Gorey End and other deranged fan favourites.

Released in 2009

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  1. Hipdeep Family
  2. The Struwwelpeter Overture
  3. Weeping Chandelier
  4. Augustus and the Soup
  5. ABC
  6. The Story of Cruel Frederick
  7. Trampled Lily
  8. The Dreadful Story About Harriet and the Matches
  9. The Story of the Man That Went Out Shooting
  10. Jesus On the Windshield
  11. Snip Snip (Suck-a-Thumb)
  12. Bully Boys
  13. Besotted Mother
  14. Fidgety Phil
  15. Hertha Strubb
  16. Flying Robert
  17. Histoire De Kay
  18. Johnny Head-in-Air
  19. Gin
  20. Shockheaded Peter