The Brothel To The Cemetery

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The Brothel To The Cemetery

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Blasphamey, Death, Sex, Drama and More Death. 'Radio Friendly' production combined with radio un-friendly content. A full, rich sounding album, less accoustic but more varied, which was an attempt of sorts to make a 'POP' cd. We failed as it still sounds completly mad. 

Released in 1996

Imagine Kurt Weill conjuring up images of prewar Berlin while a falsetto vocalist screams, squeaks and squawks his way through every number like some rambling madman, and you’ve got the picture. Their lyrics range from the subtle romanticism of ‘Sailors’; to the outright blasphemous ‘Banging in the Nails’. While the album deals with Jesus, prostitutes, junkies, deranged children and disillusioned angels, special vitriol is reserved for Slough. Apparently “It’s grim up north but it’s grimmer than that in Slough, I’ll sing you a song if you drop a bomb on Slough “. It’s funny, weird, disturbing stuff.
— TIM ARTHUR, Time Out Magazine, 9 November 1996


  1. Roll Up
  2. Tiger Lillie Line
  3. Banging in the nails
  4. Slough
  5. Alone with the moon
  6. Terrible
  7. Russians
  8. Gypsy Lament
  9. Heaven to Hell
  10. Mortuary
  11. Nightingale
  12. Crime
  13. Old Gracefully
  14. Reap what you sow
  15. Pretty Soon
  16. Arthur
  17. Decline
  18. Millionare


MARTYN JACQUES: accordion, vocals:
ADRIAN STOUT: double bass

Phil Butcher : Double Bass,
Trombone : Paul,

Guitar : Stan,
Piano, Clarinet : Gabriel Keen
Cello : Mary Morrison
Piano : Corin

Photography, Artwork By – Blue

Engineer, Mixing, Producer : Don Schneider