The Sea


The Sea

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The Sea, Sick sea-shanties of sailors, portside whores, con-men, pirates, mobsters and devils. Pump organ, Celeste, Singing Saw and other objects washed up with the tide create a picture of the docks and depths around the Sea. A fragile siren calling all to their doom.

Released in 2003


  1. Luis
  2. Pressganged
  3. Chicago Sunset
  4. Drunken Sailor
  5. Luis Miller
  6. Devil’s Child
  7. By the Shore
  8. Captain Bligh
  9. Cadavours
  10. Fishermen
  11. Jackies Bar
  12. King Neptune
  13. Skull and Crossbones


MARTYN JACQUES: vocals, stinged and keyboard instruments

ADRIAN HUGE: toys and percussion

ADRIAN STOUT:  double bass, stringed instruments and saw

And:                                                                                     H J Brandenburg; Keyboard instruments
Heinrich Dagefoer; Stringed instruments / Portuguese Guitar
Frank Wulff; Stringed and wind instruments

Recorded at O Ton Studio Hamburg
Engineered by Stephan Wulff
Mixed at Wolf Studio London by Dominique Brethes
Songs by Martyn Jacques