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Live In Soho

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The Tiger Lillies return with more deranged songs and deliciously dark theatrics. Having enjoyed phenomenal success with Shockheaded Peter and sold out venues across the globe, The Tiger Lillies have an international reputation for being the foremost avant-garde band in the world. Conjuring up the macabre magic of pre-war Berlin cabaret and fusing it with the savage edge of punk, they return with a concoction of deviant classics and songs from their new album. Live Here Now brings you this special live recording from the Soho Theatre, London on 17th April in a 2CD format.

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— The Guardian


  1. Drowning Girl
  2. Death Train
  3. Pretty Little Arms
  4. Whisky We Will Drown
  5. Lust
  6. Sexual Dependency
  7. Haunter in the Dark
  8. Paranoid
  9. Red Moon
  10. Sing a Song
  11. The Butcher
  12. Mac the Knife
  13. Interfered With
  14. Rue D' Ausei
  15. Violin Plays
  16. Killed My Mother
  17. Heroin
  18. Rats
  19. Hailstones 



© 2007 Misery Guts Music. All Songs Written By Martyn Jaques Except Cd 01 Track 01 / 06 And Cd 02 Track 02 ( Brecht / Weill )

Martyn Jaques - Vocals / Accordion / Ukulele / Piano

Adrian Stout - Double Bass / Singing Saw / / Backing Vocals

Adrian Huge - Drums / Toys / Backing Vocals

Recorded By Will Shapland For Live Here Now & Will Shapland Mobiles At The Soho Theatre / 17 April 2007. Assisted By David Loudoun / Chris Goddard / Joe Adams / Andy Rana / Daniel Fisher / Noggin / Iain Forsyth / Robert Schilling / Mj. Produced By The Tiger Lillies. Photography By Blue. Design By Louise Downer