Death And The Bible


Death And The Bible

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We like songs about Death, and we like songs about Christanity, so logically we HAD to make this album. Recorded in Hamburg in 2001 and with guest musicians who played on The Sea and with Tom Waits and Lou Reed, this cd has many odd, exotic intruments such as pump organs, celestes and whistles among others. 18 songs of religion and mortality on one album, our 15th studio album finds us walking hand in hand with Death and Jesus.

Released in 2004

Recorded around the same time as their moody epic The Sea, Death And The Bible is a world away from the gleeful perversity and kinky stompers of the Lillies’ last album Punch & Judy, instead finding the twisted trio in a more sombre and reflective mood.
As the title suggests, Death... focuses on the band’s favourite themes of decline and religion, from the tragic subject of Incontinent who wishes for death to escape the body that is rebelling against him, to Mary Magdalena who shagged Roman centurions, fishermen, thieves and even “had that Jesus Christ”.

While the record isn’t nearly as much fun as Punch… or the Lillies’early albums, Death… nonetheless creates a dark, melancholy atmosphere and beautifully captures the mood of seeing the band play live (without the inflatable sheep, pig masks or greasepaint, of course).
— David McComb, Bizare Magazine


  1. Incontinent
  2. Bleeding Hands Of Jesus
  3. Scars
  4. Bleeding
  5. Fairground
  6. Thieves
  7. Graveside
  8. Mary Magdalena
  9. Strawberry Jam
  10. Satan
  11. Meat
  12. Purgatory
  13. Neon
  14. Judas
  15. In my Hearse
  16. Mourn
  17. Green Hill


Recorded at O Ton Studio Hamburg December 2001. Engineered by Stephan Wulff. Mixed at Wolf Studio London January 2002 by Dominique Brethes

All Songs Written by Martyn Jaques except “Bleeding Hands Of Jesus” and “Green Hill” ( Traditional )

Published: Misery Guts Music

Tiger Lillies:

Adrian Huge: Toys and Percussion Instruments

Martyn Jaques: Vocals / Stringed and Keyboard Instruments

Adrian Stout: Double Bass / Stringed Instruments and Saw


H. J. Brandenburg: Keyboard Instruments

Heinrich Dagefoer: Stringed Instruments

Frank Wulff: Stringed and Wind Instruments

Photography & Design bLUE ( )