Farmyard Filth

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Farmyard Filth Cover tl.jpg

Farmyard Filth

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Farmyard Filth contains possibly the most extensive collection of songs dealing with zoophilia in recorded history. Flies, Sheep, Hamsters, German Shepherds, Giraffes, Pigs and Calves, a veritable Noah's ark of beasts are paraded before the listener. Other subjects include amputees, pensioners and transsexuals. You have been warned.

Released in 1997

An Album that opens with the immortal line “ I love a little hamster up my rectum...” is always going to get a reaction. Whether it is one of glee or despair will very much depend on your taste for amphetamine-accordion Euro folk guitar and Dame Edna vocal-led ballads to zoophillia. Silly and puerile but with genuinely funny moments. Imagine the Wurzels a bit more intimate with their livestock and even more aware of their own absurdity
— MARK BLACKLOCK, Bizarre Magazine, 1997


  1. Hamsters
  2. Waiters
  3. Vagina
  4. Aunty Mabel
  5. Heinrich
  6. Sheep
  7. Maggots
  8. Motor Car
  9. Piglet
  10. Kick A Stick
  11. Cowboys
  12. Flies
  13. Happy End


Produced by Olimax & The Tiger Lillies
All songs written by Martyn Jaques
Engineered by M.P. Lovecraft III & Jim Custance & Doc

MARTYN JACQUES: accordion / voice
ADRIAN HUGE: percussion
ADRIAN STOUT: double bass

Vernon (saw)
John (theramin)
John (guitar)
Charlie (keyboards)
Paul (trombone)
Stan (guitar)
Photo / Graphics by bLUE