Madame Piaf

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Madame Piaf

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The Tiger Lillies are back with a new album inspired by Edith Piaf's extraordinary life.  

"Edith Piaf is the central character of these songs," says Martyn Jaques, "walking the dark disreputable streets of Paris. It does not tell you a story, it is history. Ordinary people understood, and that's why they loved her. It is this popular Piaf that this show wants to revive."  

"I've met girls like Edith Piaf. They're usually described as having borderline personality disorder. They're alcoholics, drug addicts and often prostitutes. Funny that she is today a symbol of French national pride, an icon. It's interesting that when asked about her mother, also a singer (and "part-time" prostitute), Piaf said she could have made it but was simply unlucky. So I suppose that makes Piaf a lucky alcoholic drug and man addict. But who cares - France didn't, nor do I. She was great, electric. She came from the gutter but is one of the best singers ever."

17 Songs, Digipack with Lyrics Booklet. 11 new Tiger Lillies songs and 6 new versions of Piaf classics

Released in 2016

beautiful bla bla bla
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  1. Blind in a Brothel    
  2. Baby's Dead 
  3. Lovers for a Day      
  4. Edith Loves Albert  
  5. René  
  6. Marie 
  7. Mad   
  8. Madame Piaf
  9. La Vie en Rose
  10. Marcel's Gone Away
  11. Another Glass of Wine        
  12. Padam, Padam        
  13. Beat the Pain           
  14. Public Sin     
  15. In the Rain   
  16. No Regrets    
  17. Hymne à l'Amour