Low Life Lullabies

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low life lullabies tl.jpg

Low Life Lullabies

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A strange, haunting, collection of songs. It's fair to say that this new collection is at opposite ends of the spectrum to 'Farmyard Filth', the former dealing with man's inhumanity to beast, while the latter deals much more with the troubles and pain of the human condition itself, and the cruelty of humanity against its fellows. Cheerful, no?

Released in 1998

The best Belgium street opera I’ve ever heard.
— unknown wedding guest


  1. Same Old Story        
  2. The Pimp Song        
  3. Pervert         
  4. Piccadilly Lilly          
  5. Queen For A Day     
  6. Bank Robber Blues 
  7. Gas Bill          
  8. Maxwell        
  9. Billy's Blues  
  10. Crude
  11. If You Knew
  12. Soho News    
  13. Le Havre       
  14. Dead