Love And War

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Love And War

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The Tiger Lillies (collaborating with David McGuinness of Concerto Caledonia) present their tribute to Monteverdi's Madrigals of Love and War. Harpsichord, Accordion, church organ and musical saw unite in songs of the futility of war. Comissioned by the Edinburgh International Festival 2007.

A Tribute (of sorts) to Monteverdi is a fusion of the familiar squeeze-box stomp of the Tiger Lillies and the baroque harpsichord flourishes of McGuinness. Inspired by Monteverdi’s Madrigals of Love and War, the new works touch on murder, rape and mutilation. And Jacques’ vocals - his voice is the missing link between classical falsetto and Berlin cabaret - range from a Tom Waits growl to an angelic operatic warble as he rages against religious and political hypocrisy in times of war.
— Mark Fisher, The Scotsman


  1. Love And War          
  2. Card Game   
  3. Kill You On A Monday        
  4. Glory In Battle         
  5. Devil  
  6. Love Is A Luxury     
  7. River Of Tears         
  8. Trancred And Clorindal     
  9. Kill You         
  10. Lover's Return         
  11. Winners And Losers           
  12. Nightingale   
  13. Enemies Of Love     
  14. Love A Whore
  15. Venus


Martyn Jaques - Vocals / Accordion / Ukulele / Piano

Adrian Stout - Double Bass / Singing Saw / Backing-Vocals

Adrian Huge - Drums / Toys / Backing-Vocals

David Mcguiness - Harpsichord / Organ

© 2007 Misery Guts Music / Tiger 016. All Songs Written By Martyn Jaques