Either Or


Either Or


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Either Or stands out within the extensive Tiger Lillies’ discography for more than one reasons:

It‘s the first out of thirty three Tiger Lillies’ albums without the contribution of original band member Adrian Huge, who for the later half of 2012 has been replaced by drummer Mike Pickering.

It’s one of the weirdest sounding Tiger Lillies’ albums, with multi-instrumentalist David Coulter (The Pogues, Tom Waits, Radiohead, Boy George) enriching Martyn Jacques’ music with his banjo, uke and violin, nose flute, jew’s saw, weeping saws, maracas, ominchord and clackamore.

It’s the only Tiger Lillies album that delves into the world of Philosophy and dares to verbalize its quests in a new, uncompromising language. The album title quotes Danish philosopher Søren Aabye Kierkegaard’s 1834 Either/Or two volume publication. The songs are mostly inspired by Either’s last section, The Seducer’s Diary. Echoing the voice of Kierkegaard, the Tiger Lillies speak in their own beautifully blasphemous language about a world where pleasure is the highest good and its pursuit is encouraged regardless of means and consequences. The notion of ‘sin’ is put into question and all evil deeds are justified as long as they give meaning to people’s existence. The idea of Either Or was first introduced to The Tiger Lillies’ singer/songwriter Martyn Jacques by Danish Producer Lars Seeberg in 2008; a very ambitious project from the start, Either Or took a good four years to come together and it wasnt until early 2013 that both the album and the show (a co-production of Odense Teater, Theatre NoDomain and Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre) were up and running.

Released in 2013

beautiful bla bla bla
— The Guardian


  1. Blood Alley   
  2. Boredom       
  3. Nothing Is Sin          
  4. Innocence     
  5. Sailor 
  6. Either Or      
  7. Gutter
  8. No Sense       
  9. He's So Bad  
  10. God Up In Heaven   
  11. Depression   
  12. Love For Sale
  13. Tears In The Rain   
  14. Forget About Us
  15. Teardrops    
  16. Destroy