Punch And Judy

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Punch And Judy

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Punch, the archetypal English puppet, is unscrupulous, anarchistic and malevolent in all that he does, wittily and jovially murdering anyone who gets in his way – whether it be his own wife, the policeman, the doctor, the hangman or even the devil.
Played once upon a time in the streets of Old England as a macabre and “undivine” comedy, the story is retold here in the form of a dark operetta: Punch’s triumphant marriage to Judy, the birth of his child, his beautiful murders and his own magnificent death. It seems as if Punch has been waiting all this time for the Tiger Lillies to come along in order to perform his perfidy to perfection. 16 songs from the show of the same name. That's the way to do it.

Released in 2004

A collection of st madness, parano plenty ores, kinky sex, bestiality and violence thrown in for good measure – Punch And Judy is a welcome return to the anarchy and gleeful perversity of the Lillies’ early work, less introspective than recent releases such as The Sea and more fun than 2000’s moody Circus Songs.
As always, the band take unbridled pleasure in the malevolent characters they create, from the Hardest Bastard in town who’ll kick your face off then expect forgiveness because he’s had a tough life, to the man who gets his kicks by crunching babies’ heads underfoot (accompanied by the sickening crack of a nipper’s skull, natch).
A fine introduction to the dark world of The Tiger Lillies and a joy for long-time fans, Punch And Judy is essential.
— David McComb, Bizarre Magazine


  1. Mummy        
  2. Lonely Schizophrenic         
  3. Tick Tock      
  4. Body Hanging          
  5. Hardest Bastard      
  6. Deranged     
  7. Mummy Loved Me  
  8. Why Am I Alone      
  9. Punch And Judy      
  10. Going South  
  11. Polly  
  12. Sick    
  13. The End        
  14. Lilly Of The Valley   
  15. Fountain Filled With Blood
  16. Why Are You Laughing?


Recorded at O Ton Studio Hamburg May 2004
Engineered and mixed by Stefan Wulff
Mastered at Master and Servant Studio Hamburg
All songs written by Martyn Jaques
Produced by the Tiger Lillies

Adrian Huge Percussion
Martyn Jaques Voice Piano Accordion Dobro
Adrian Stout Double Bass

Hennig and Frank Wulff played extra guitars