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The Tiger Lillies present their soundtrack to 'Goosebumps Alive', a new promenade show set in London's dark, abandoned vaults under Waterloo. Step into the beautifully haunting world of Goosebumps Alive, a twisted modern update of the 90’s cult horror series. Equal parts terrifying and riotous, Goosebumps puts you in the centre of chilling macabre tales.Given a terrifying makeover from the fiendish minds behind Accomplice (Director), Alice’s Adventures Underground (Designer), and The Tiger Lillies (Music), find out what happens when your childhood fears become your adult nightmares.

Will you meet a killer scarecrow, face the haunted mask, escape from a deranged scientist, or be buried alive—or will you find the real horror lurking deep inside your head? This spring award-winning arts venue The Vaults will host the world theatre premiere of Goosebumps for a strictly limited time, exclusive to London. Audiences will wind their way through the abandoned railway tunnels of The Vaults and through a series of spine-tingling scenes inspired by some of Stine’s most popular creations, including Say Cheese, And Die!, The Blob That Ate Everyone, The Haunted Mask, Stay Out Of The Basement, One Day In Horrorland and Night Of The Living Dummy. 


Released in 2016

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— The Guardian


  1. Bury Me        
  2. Agony
  3. Horrorland   
  4. Huh!  
  5. Haunt All of you      
  6. Mad   
  7. In Horrorland Revisited     
  8. Goosebumps
  9. Hubble Bubble        
  10. Slappy           
  11. Cuckoo Song 
  12. Drip Drop     
  13. Toil and Trouble     
  14. Carly Beth