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On the 26th and 27th September in Prague The Tiger Lillies will perform two live shows and record a new album ‘The Devil’s Fairground’, performing with the contemporary Berg Orchestra.

Inspired by the band’s wild nineties when Prague was their first foreign destination. The Tiger Lillies played to prostitues and gypsies in squats and pubs, they travelled around the whole of the Czech Republic, sleeping on people’s floors and writing the music that would eventually lead them to them becoming the acclaimed band they are today, touring all over the world.

Featuring songs of nostalgia, irony, crude humour and immense beauty The Devil’s Fairground also celebrates the band’s 30th anniversary in 2019. With more than a year of collaboration between The Tiger Lillies’s lead singer and song writer Martyn Jacques and Michal Nejtek, who has created the symphonic arrangements, the result is a stunning and unique work which will be premiered at the Archa Theatre.

Following the recording of Devil’s Fairgound the band will begin to premiere their new music in Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia and in a long awaited return to New York where they will perform at Joe’s Pub at the beginning of November.