Rime of the Ancient Mariner

In a modern retelling of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s classic, legendary balladeers The Tiger Lillies spin this epic tale into a hauntingly beautiful, large-scale multimedia performance. Together with acclaimed visual artist Mark Holthusen, the flamboyant and eccentric band unfolds the story of the ill-fated mariner with exquisite melancholy and lusty menace. Part concert and part film, this is a welcome return from the co-creators of the cult sensationShockheaded Peter.

The band's flamboyant live performance is enhanced by large-scale virtual sets that create an immersive and highly atmospheric environment. Across 25 songs, the legend of the Ancient Mariner unfolds as uncompromising musical and visual melodrama.

Duration – 90 minutes

"A haunting evening's entertainment full of ethereal grace." The Telegraph

"The show is a glorious visual cabinet of curiosities that enthrals on all its surreal fronts, a version of madness that matches the lonely voice of Coleridge's mariner with the sadness of Jacques' lyrics and music... Unforgettable." The Arts Desk

Like the result of a twisted experiment to combine avant-garde, bohemian Berlin and the gritty, bizarre underworld of London in the form of a gypsy-troupe cabaret.” Sydney Morning Herald

Rime of the Ancient Mariner - The Tiger Lillies from TEMPS D'IMAGES on Vimeo.