Poe's Haunted Palace

Loosely based on Poe’s tales and poems, and inspired by his stormy and tragic life, the concert performance retains the author’s own black sense of humour while navigating the inner paths of his soul.

In a haunted palace a young poet meets the devilish Raven, who supplies him with especially black ink, which guarantees glory and honour. The poet writes frantically and soon runs out. Desperate for more ink, he careers through the many corridors and halls of the palace. In each room he finds a story, a poem, a page of Poe’s imagination, and everywhere there are dying maidens.

The Tiger Lillies, infamous for their characteristic sound reminiscent of opera and gypsy music and their raw passion, make music in the intersection between the offensive and the brilliant. It is three years since they last visited Bergen and its festival, and the band promise a visual nightmare and a bizarre musical extravaganza when they – joined by two actors for the occasion – delve into the unfathomable jolie laide world of Edgar Allan Poe.