Love for Sale

Love for Sale

The Songs of Cole Porter

Including My Heart Belongs to Daddy, Love For Sale and Miss Otis Regrets

Following the huge success of Lulu: A Murder Ballad, Opera North and The Tiger Lillies embark on a new adventure into the words and music of Cole Porter, one of America’s all-time great songwriters. In typical Tiger Lillies style, this twisted and grimy cabaret will reimagine some of Porter’s best-loved classics including My Heart Belongs to Daddy, Love for Sale and Miss Otis Regrets as well as hits from his most famous musicals. In the hands of The Tiger Lillies the darkness and wonder of these songs comes to the surface, for an evening of delight, despair and delirium.

Commissioned and produced by Opera North Projects




“The Tiger Lillies and their pithy, witty, humorous songs make for a great night out. This entertaining and talented team which will leave you craving for more.”

Everything Theatre 

The Tiger Lillies produce a dual layering of nostalgia, first for the romance of Porter’s age and then for the illicit thrill of those stages found in pre-war Berlin basements, combining the two for a deliciously dark descent into madness.”
The Upcoming 

“The Tiger Lillies could interpret the Yellow Pages and still make it sound original, edgy and wonderful.”
The Northern Echo

“Porter's songs took on a new light, a new shade, a new lyric or two in some cases, from the salacious sauciness of Let's Do It to the exquisitely pained Miss Otis Regrets, via diversions into the fruitiest of The Tiger Lillies' own dark confections.”
The York Press