Cold Night In Soho

The album will be released on 26 January, significantly, this is also the band’s first album not connected to a theatre show in about ten years,

So here we find a series of snapshots of a vanished Soho, such as the women trapped in the endless cycle of turning tricks in clip joints, with the threat of violence every day, in “Soho Clipper Blues”, or the career alcoholic of Soho’s legendary drinking dens whose stupor merges with the booziness of weekend drinkers in “Let’s Drink”. Starched soldiers of the Salvation Army made forays into these degenerate streets, on missions to reclaim souls for God, but the futility of their efforts is laid bare in the song of the same name. 

The Independent described the album as "variously serious, humorous and blasphemous, that lead one, unsuspecting, to an emotional climax that just reaches in and tears out your heart"