Sinderella - 2009

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A Twisted Tale Of A Christmas Crack-Whore

A double album about a twisted crack-whore and her abusive family. Featuring the twin vocal assault of Justin Bond of 'Kiki and Herb' as the victim and Martyn Jacques as her vile step mother, along with the horrible ugly sisters of Adrian Huge and Adrian Stout. This sordid story of domestic abuse, drug addition and revenge will be released to co-incide with the live perfromance at the QEH in London's South Bank Centre on December 18/19/20.

Martyn writes...
“I used to go see pantomimes when I was a boy and enjoy them. Now, a lot of modern celebrities can’t act, don’t have talent. They’re all 20 times more famous than anyone who actually does have talent. That’s a reflection of the crap society in which we live. It’s a reaction against that.”

More specifically, Sinderella tells the story of our fairytale favourite after she has fallen on hard times and resorted to turning tricks in return for smack. “I play her evil stepmother, who is also her pimp,” says Jacques. “Hopefully we are going to be able to generate quite a lot of hatred on stage between us.”

Recored in Berlin at andereBaustelle Tonstudio by the engineers of Einstürzende Neubauten, Boris Wilsdorf and Marco Paschke

25 songs on a double digipack cd with 16 page booklet,

Justin Bond : Vocals
Martyn Jaques :Lead Vocals, Accordion, Guitar, Ukulele, Piano
Adrian Stout : Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Theremin, Musical Saw, Sleigh Bells, Backing Vocals
Adrian Hughes :Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Recorded , Mixed and Mastered by Marco Paschke and Boris Wilsdorf at andereBaustelle Tonstudio Berlin.
Additional vocal recordings :
Steve Kent, Tin Pan Alley Studio , London