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Live In Prague

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With over 2 hours of material, the DVD documentary “The Tiger Lillies in Prague” contains a bumper crop of unseen footage of the band playing shows in the Czech Republic in the 1990s. This is combined with songs from the show Here I Am Human at the Archa Theatre in 2010 and a full concert from 2009 shot in HD. There is an interview with the band on its long relationship with Prague after the Velvet Revolution and how the Czech lands have influenced their music. The DVD includes extras of the band playing shows in the legendary Borat Club in Prague, the Banana Club in Zatek and the Archa, and comes in a limited-edition hand-printed bag as used in parks in Prague for the disposal of dog shit, featuring a charming image of a dog on the toilet. The DVD tray itself is the cardboard scooper that is used to collect the mess. 

"Probably more than any other city Prague holds a special place in my heart. We started to go there when there were no tourists. Just after the Velvet Revolution. It still had the austere feeling of Communism, there were few fancy restaurants or hotels. The only foreigners were artists, alcoholics, junkies. It was a great time and we played in every bar and club that would have us. There were many and we built quite a following. We were managed by Ben Anderson, a funny painter who actually did a picture of some Tiger Lillie flowers which were on my wall in London, and inspired the band’s name. He embraced the town and learnt the language and arranged tours for us all over the country. We also played in squats, sometimes to a thousand people, which was quite an experience for a band used to playing to 50 to 100 people in bars. We drank enormous quantities of Czech beer and Becherovka and Czech girls are beautiful...
It’s great that we continue to visit the city with the help of the Archa theatre. I can definitely say it was one of the best times of my life..."
Martyn Jacques

Released in 2010



  1. Tiger Lillies Line

  2. Dribble

  3. Snake Woman

  4. Terrible

  5. High-Heeled Shoes

  6. Lobotomy

  7. The Wind and the Rain

  8. She's a Whore

  9. Banging in the Nails

  10. Pretty Lisa

  11. Eternity

  12. King Neptune

  13. Flipper Boy

  14. Yellow Angel

  15. Getting Old

  16. Death Train

  17. Avarice

  18. Crack of Doom

  19. Bully Boys

  20. Hell

  21. Gin

  22. Fidgety Phil

  23. Killer

plus 2 mini concerts in the Bonus archive, from the Club Borat, Prague 1993

  1. Whore

  2. Gouge My Eyes Out

  3. Nobody's Really There

  4. Jesus

  5. In Her Room

  6. And


Concert from the Archa Theatre, Prague, 20/09/2009