Births, Marriages and Deaths

births marriages and deaths TL.jpg
births marriages and deaths TL.jpg

Births, Marriages and Deaths

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The band’s first album, a classic collection of slow brooding ballads full of bitter tales of death, prostitution, loneliness and despair, mixed with a few jaunty songs of Hell and damnation.

Originally released in 1994, now available in digipack format

Aren’t you embarrassed?
— DRINKER, King's Head, Islington, London


  1. Boatman

  2. Hell

  3. Normal

  4. Heroin And Cocaine

  5. Prison House Blues

  6. Jacky

  7. Despite

  8. Autumn Leaves

  9. Lager Lout

  10. Open Your Legs

  11. Down And Out

  12. Tears

  13. Her Room

  14. The Flowers

  15. War

  16. Obscene

  17. You're World

  18. Sense Of Sentiment

  19. Wake Up

  20. Repulsion

  21. Sodsville

  22. Bones

  23. Circle Line

  24. Haunting Me

  25. Lily Marlene