Punch, the archetypal English puppet, is unscrupulous, anarchistic and malevolent in all that he does, wittily and jovially murdering anyone who gets in his way – whether it be his own wife, the policeman, the doctor, the hangman or even the devil.

As always, the band take unbridled pleasure in the malevolent characters they create, from the Hardest Bastard in town who’ll kick your face off then expect forgiveness because he’s had a tough life, to the man who gets his kicks by crunching babies’ heads underfoot (accompanied by the sickening crack of a nipper’s skull, natch).
A fine introduction to the dark world of The Tiger Lillies and a joy for long-time fans, Punch And Judy is essential.
— David McComb, Bizarre Magazine

Played once upon a time in the streets of Old England as a macabre and “undivine” comedy, the story is retold here in the form of a dark operetta: Punch’s triumphant marriage to Judy, the birth of his child, his beautiful murders and his own magnificent death. 

It seems as if Punch has been waiting all this time for the Tiger Lillies to come along in order to perform his perfidy to perfection.

16 songs from the show of the same name. That's the way to do it.



Produced by Olimax & The Tiger Lillies. Music and song adaption by Martyn Jaques. Engineered by H.P. Lovecraft & The Doc Martyn Jaques - accordion / voice Adrian Huge - percussion Adrian Stout - double bass with Tamzin Griffin - cello Julian Bleach - violin Graeme Gilmour - banjo / clarinet Jo Pocock - trombone