Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann, a Frankfurt 'medical man of the lunatic asylum', wrote and illustrated The Struwwelpeter (ShockHeaded Peter) more than 150 years ago because he couldn't find anything on the shelves to fire the imagination of his children.

gorgeous...a potent reminder of the power of live theatre
— The Times

SHOCKHEADED PETER is the collective nightmare of the visionary direction and design team of Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch (co-founders of London's Improbable Theatre) and the underworld's favorite cabaret act, The Tiger Lillies, led by the bizarre and beautiful falsetto of Martyn Jacques.

Set in a distorted Victorian toy theater, SHOCKHEADED PETER evokes a lost world of theatrical illusion-a music box spinning out of control; an advent calendar with a different lunatic waiting behind every door. Olivier Award 2002 winners Shockheaded Peter - Winner Best Entertainment Shockheaded Peter - Winner Best Performance in a Supporting Role in a Musical (Martyn Jacques)



Produced by Olimax & The Tiger Lillies. Music and song adaption by Martyn Jaques. Engineered by H.P. Lovecraft & The Doc Martyn Jaques - accordion / voice Adrian Huge - percussion Adrian Stout - double bass  with Tamzin Griffin - cello Julian Bleach - violin Graeme Gilmour - banjo / clarinet Jo Pocock - trombone


Jaques’s bleary, mournful songs, though strongly influenced by Brecht/Weill and Waits, have an extraordinary knack of alternating hysteria with a rueful way-of-the-worldish shrug, and the best of his numbers achieve a decadence that touches on the divine.
— Daily Telegraph, 12/04/2008

Punk cabaret favourites The Tiger Lillies present a brand new theatre cabaret charting man’s fall from paradise to hell. With an original new song for each deadly sin, this album bursts with The Tiger Lillies’ dark and deviant style. Released in 2008



Martyn Jacques - Vocals, Accordion, Piano, Ukulele Adrian Stout - Contra Bass, Musical Saw, Guitar, Vocals
Adrian Huge - Drums and Toys, Vocals Claus Buehler - Keyboards All songs written by Martyn Jacques
Produced by the Tiger Lillies Recorded and mixed at IJland Studio, Amsterdam, Holland by Remko Schouten and Studio Le Roy, Amsterdam, Holland by Mikel Le Roy, December 2007 Mastered at Studio Le Roy, Amsterdam, Holland by Mikel Le Roy All songs from the Tiger Lillies show '7 Deadly Sins' Photos by bLUE


Punch, the archetypal English puppet, is unscrupulous, anarchistic and malevolent in all that he does, wittily and jovially murdering anyone who gets in his way – whether it be his own wife, the policeman, the doctor, the hangman or even the devil.

As always, the band take unbridled pleasure in the malevolent characters they create, from the Hardest Bastard in town who’ll kick your face off then expect forgiveness because he’s had a tough life, to the man who gets his kicks by crunching babies’ heads underfoot (accompanied by the sickening crack of a nipper’s skull, natch).
A fine introduction to the dark world of The Tiger Lillies and a joy for long-time fans, Punch And Judy is essential.
— David McComb, Bizarre Magazine

Played once upon a time in the streets of Old England as a macabre and “undivine” comedy, the story is retold here in the form of a dark operetta: Punch’s triumphant marriage to Judy, the birth of his child, his beautiful murders and his own magnificent death. 

It seems as if Punch has been waiting all this time for the Tiger Lillies to come along in order to perform his perfidy to perfection.

16 songs from the show of the same name. That's the way to do it.



Produced by Olimax & The Tiger Lillies. Music and song adaption by Martyn Jaques. Engineered by H.P. Lovecraft & The Doc Martyn Jaques - accordion / voice Adrian Huge - percussion Adrian Stout - double bass with Tamzin Griffin - cello Julian Bleach - violin Graeme Gilmour - banjo / clarinet Jo Pocock - trombone


The "Tiger Lillies" sing about death, guilt and punishment, violently and cannily. They consure up the spirit of Tom Waits shifted to a cabaret of the thirties. You don´t know whether Martyn Jacques, singer and songwriter of the group, owes the lyrics of his songs and ballads to his good connection to heaven or to hell.

Anyway the audience gets goose-flesh when he starts his trip to a long forgotten vaudeville atmosphere with his high falsetto voice, urged by the tunes of his accordion coming from far beyond, joined by his devilish mate Adrian Stout on the bass and Adrian Huge on the left over bits of his drum set.Inspired by the London cult band "Tiger Lillies", top-artists of the international variety scene unfold archaic dreams of life, love and the impossible.



Idea, Directed & Set Design by Sebastiano Toma
Musik by The Tiger Lillies
Music & Lyrics by Martyn Jacques






"Welcome to the Carnival of Circus Freaks
The Bleeding Lady the blood from her leaks
Here is a place where you can buy crack
Lobotomised whores who you can slap."

The Freakshow presents the mutation of the Tiger Lillies 1999 cd 'Circus Songs'. New outcasts have their story presented for your listening pleasure.The Snake Woman, Three Legged Jake, Rosa with 3 Hearts, the Fat Lady, Deathless Man, Normo, Bleeding Lady, Matchstick Man, Flipper Boy, The Bleeding Lady, Ugly Joe, Hairy Man and the Sleeper all cavort for your entertainment. A carnival of oddities, but who is the freak, them or YOU?




Martyn Jaques : Lead Vocals, Accordion, Guitar, Ukulele, Piano
Adrian Stout : Double Bass, Theremin, Musical Saw, Backing Vocals
Adrian Hughes : Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals Engineered, recorded and mixed by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland, East Lothian, Scotland except for Lobotomy overdub vocals recorded at Tin Pan Alley Studio and mixed at Wolf Studio
Mastered at Wolf Studios by Dominique Brethes, London © 2008 MISERY GUTS MUSIC / TIGER 018


Artists: Irene Hofer, Rolando Hofer Little BIG People Kiki Nikolaidou The woman with three hearts Lena Ries or Alba Contortion Ele and Julia Janke  Aerials and siam twins Lorenzo Mastropietro Hut Juggling/ Thomas Romir Juggling The Creators: Idea, Book, Set Design & Direction Sebastiano Toma Choreography Sophia Spyratou Costume Design Claire Bracewel Puppet Design Dimitris Stamou, Demi Papada – MERLIN PUPPET THEATRE Director assistant and wig for Amanda Kati Heiman Light Design Sakis Birbilis Produced by Badminton Theatre & ADaM Productions Producer Michail Adam Executive Producer Hara Hristopoulou







Alexander Hacke, bass-player for the German band Einstürzende Neubauten, and London-based band The Tiger Lillies, broadly admired for their choices of unusual material and their eclectic musical repertoire, joined forces for the first time to pay a very special tribute to H.P. Lovecraft’s genius and mastery. This musical performance is based on some of Lovecraft’s most well-known and eerie stories, such as "The Rats In the Walls", "At the Mountains of Madness," and the Cthulhu Mythos cycle. Martyn Jaques’ penetrating falsetto, the musical saw, the piano and the stand-up bass are surrounded and accompanied by Alexander Hacke’s electronic soundscapes: the first time ever The Tiger Lillies have been accompanied by electronic instruments in any collaborative effort.

During his lifetime, H.P. Lovecraft (born 20 August 1890 in Providence, Rhode Island) did not make a name for himself as an author, yet today he enjoys the posthumous fame of being regarded as one of the most outstanding and important writers of gothic literature.

In this show, stories of ancient gods, inexplicable terror and lost souls are lastingly brought to life in a sometimes humorous, yet pervadingly gloomy and melancholic manner. The eccentric confrontation of The Tiger Lillies' somewhat traditional array of instruments with Alexander Hacke’s sound compositions gives this performance its ghostly three-dimensional depth in which an open-minded audience can immerse themselves with the glee of enjoyment. The production’s special stage design is the work of artist Danielle de Picciotto. Lutz John, known for his impressive work for bands such as Einstürzenden Neubauten and Wir sind Helden, transformed the stage his lighting effects.








The Tiger Lillies tell the story of Franz Woyzeck, a lowly soldier stationed in a provincial German town. His wife is cheating, his superior officers consider him less than human and his doctor is performing medical experiments on him. He begins to experience a series of apocalyptic visions while his jealous suspicions grow. Things do not end well. Woyzeck is a stage play written by Georg Büchner in 1836.

Madness, murder, whores, soldiers and....peas.

He left the work incomplete at his death, but it has been variously and posthumously "finished" by a variety of authors, editors and Woyzeck has become one of the most performed and influential plays in the German theatre repertory. The production of Woyzeck and the Tiger Lilies was performed in Vienna 24 September - 15 October 2011 and this cd features the songs from the show. Recorded with Christian Kolonovits and a 10 piece brass band, the 12 songs follow Woyzecks descent into madness. Released in 2011



Martyn Jacques – Lead Vocals, Accordeon, Guitar Adrian Huge – Drums, Percussion, Backing-Vocals Adrian Stout – Double Bass, Singing Saw, Theremin, Backing-Vocals Christian Kolonovits - Piano, Organ

Brass-Band: Christof Zellhofer/Trp., Simon Ertl/Trp., Michael Schwaighofer/Trp., Simon Plötzeneder/Trp., Josef Fuchsberger/Trp., Peter Travnik/Trp., Manfred Stimez/Clar., Norbert Amon/Clar., Clemens Hofer/ Trb./ Ten.Horn, Mario Vavti/Trb./Ten.Horn, Stefan Thurner/Trb.,



Christian Eisenhut/Trb., Thomas Winalek, Trb., Friedrich Gindlhumer/Tba., Wilfried Plamoser/Perc./Drums, Daniel Neuhauser/Perc./Drums

Produced by: Christian Kolonovits and The Tiger Lillies / Brass-Arrangements: Christian Kolonovits / Recorded and mixed by Clemens Nowak at homebase recording studio vienna / Edited by Clemens Nowak / Mastered by Mischa Janisch at Sunshine Mastering, Austria


"As a songwriter I am always looking for fresh inspiration for subjects on which to write . One of my chief sources of inspiration is to take other people work and adapt them into songs. The poignant and tragic tale of the LMG is one such inspiration for me .

I was originally approached by the Hans Christian Andersen foundation to adapt one of his stories to coincide with the bicentennial of his birth ( or death ?) and of all his stories the Little Match Girl has always been the most sad and beautiful, I hope the music and theatre piece that we we are creating will reflect this"

Martyn Jaques



Martyn Jacques - Lead-Vocals, Accordeon, Guitar, Ukulele, Piano  Adrian Stout - Double Bass, Electric Bass, singing Saw, Backing Vocals Adrian Huge - Drums, Percussions, Backing Vocals




Violin: Andrea Hahn Viola: Cordelia Kirchmayr Cello: Alexander Rauscher Orchestra Contracting & Supervision: Andreas Winkler Copyist: Hans-Peter Sumereder Music based on the theatre production "The Little Match Girl" Based upon Hans Christian Andersen’s tale



Grammy Nominated - Best Classical Crossover Album

The Gorey End, Writer / Illustrator Edward Gorey enjoyed 'Banging in the Nails' so much he sent us a large box of his unpublished stories, some of which we adapted and turned into songs. Then, before he could hear them, Mr Gorey passed away. So sad. But here are those songs, with the Kronos Quartet providing strings and barks, on our CD The Gorey End. We think he would have enjoyed them. If he hadn't passed away. Tragically. Released in 2003



Martyn Jaques vocals, piano, organ, accordion and ukelele / Adrian Hughes drums and toys / Adrian Stout bass, musical saw and horn / Kronos Quartet: David Harrington violin, John Sherba violin, Hank Dutt viola, Jennifer Culp cello This Album is dedicated to the memory of Edward Gorey.
Many thanks for the co-operation of Michael Morris and Christine Gettins at Cultural Industry; Janet Cowperthwaite for the Kronos Quartet; Markus Steffen at; Sophie Seashell at Misery Guts Music; The Gorey Estate. [plus Courtesy credit for Nonesuch/Warner]

Produced by The Tiger Lillies. Recorded 2000-01 by Myles Boisen in Oakland, California at Guerrilla Recording and Studio 880
Assistant engineers: Marco Martin and Ian Swanke at Studio 880. Mastered by Myles Boisen at the Headless Buddha Mastering Lab, Oakland, California. String arrangements by Hans-Joern Brandenburg. Front cover: Design - Stuart Wilson
(P)2003 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Misery Guts Music Limited under exclusive licence to EMI Records Ltd.©2003 EMI Records Ltd.


The Archa Theatre opens its fall season with the premiere of its new production Zde jsem člověkem! Here I am Human! The new project, a collaboration between the British band The Tiger Lillies, director Jiří Havelka and Irish dramatist Jocelyn Clarke, will have its premiere on September 19 2010. Ondřej Hrab, the artistic director of the theatre, said: “After a series of annual concerts we approached the band with an offer to create an original musical show for the Archa Theatre.


The Tiger Lillies accepted the offer and created a number of new songs, which are thematically linked to François Rabelais’s medieval novel Gargantua and Pantagruel. The lyrics of these songs are characterized by the distinctive logic of depravity, the world turned upside down, constant oscillation between “upper” and “lower” social classes and fascination with various manifestations of carnality.”



Producer: Ondřej Hrab, Archa Theatre, Prague / Director: Jiří Havelka / Script: Jocelyn Clarke / Sets: Dáda Němeček / 
Photography: David Kumermann. The songs were created for Zde jsem člověkem! Here I am Human! produced by the Archa Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic.


The story is that of the WEBERISCHEN – the Weber women, Mozart´s wife Constanze Weber, her mother, and her three sisters. Five strong women meet musically with the Tiger Lillies and the orchestra of the VEREINIGTE BÜHNEN WIEN.


Martyn Jacques - Accordion, Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, Vocals
Adrian Huge - Drums, vocals
Adrian Stout - Bass, Singing saw, vocals

Conducted, arranged and orchestrated by Christian Kolonovits

Produced by Christian Kolonovits and the Tiger Lillies

Recorded and mixed by Kurt Richer at Homebase recording studio, Vienna.
All songs by M Jacques