Webcast live from Berlin

On Sunday 5 October there will be a live webcast of the Tiger Lillies while they record in Berlin.

The Tiger Lillies will be recording new songs in Berlin at andereBaustelle Tonstudio and you can watch the action, live, in a webcast that will be starting at 3pm (Berlin local time). (andereBaustelle is the studio used by Einst?rzende Neubauten for their recent recordings/webcasts).

! Please note there will no connection to the server before the stream starts at 15:00 (Berlin time) !

andereBaustelle is the platform for a new form of audiovisual entertainment and the presentation of artists via the internet. It offers an unprecedented possibiltiy to reach out to present fans, and to gain a new audience. While the common use of the internet in music is restricted to the passive viewing of premade video clips, andereBaustelle provides interactive communication in real time.

Webcast means that a band performs live in the studio at a scheduled time. This exclusive concert will be broadcast worldwide through modern recording and internet technology via the studio?s website. Through the chat function, the viewers are able to communicate with each other, as well as with the musicians. The artists are able to react in realtime, and answer through their microphone. A webcast offers the possibility to invite an international audience to a single, online event. This audience is assembled from fans of the band plus frequent viewers of the andereBaustelle website.