We are the Freaks from the Geeks...

Article in 'El Pais', Spanish newspaper. Weird translation follows.

Original Interview in Spanish here. Dodgy translation follows below.

INTERVIEW: London trio Tiger Lillies subversive musicians

"We are the 'freaks' from the 'geeks'"

The Tiger Lillies are those groups depleting arsenal of epithets. This London trio practicing cabaret music with touches of avant-garde art, and inspiration gypsy punk anarchy has said it's irreverent, bizarre, disturbing, provocative, dramatic and almost any other adjective that the reader comes to mind. "In fact we are so good people do not even think we deserve to go to hell," announces permanent British phlegm singer and accordionist of the band, Jacques Martin, lounging on the sofa in her Madrid hotel boasting hat and red feather.

Tonight, at the Circulo de Bellas Artes (21.00, 25 euros), the Lillies are the extravagant alternative to Madrid's night concert of his countrymen Arctic Monkeys. "In those types we have not heard a single song. Word", he elaborates on the equally delusional drummer Adrian Huge.

Just turned 20 years on the road, they provide 27 albums and are considered "slightly wiser, in the madness" that they began in 1989. Even then they were aware of being "the most geeks among geeks, three flagrant cases of maladjustment. "In school we were the typical marginal kids who read a lot, are not good at sports, and lack any success with girls and boys," lists Jacques, no trauma. "We never could qualify for the prize for popularity," laughs the bassist Adrian Stout. "We have always been countercultural. We liked Frank Zappa, the blues and post-punk. Other types allegedly marginal at the time, as the heavies or the jockey, now travel in business class. We are still in tourist with outcasts ... .

The sardonic laughter is a constant in the conversation, but the themes of his compositions can induce anxiety: rape, bestiality, prostitution, murder, bestiality ... Is there any limit? "Please, if television is far more sordid than any of our songs!" Refutes the singer. "Take a look at the ads on the BBC against cocaine. How very unpleasant! Any day you can watch documentaries about trafficking, series featuring whores, news of the death and mutilation. It is perverse that it be called investigative journalism, and we must be silent about the supposed taboos.

They often act with their faces painted, but are equally outlandish makeup. Huge, for example, pass the interview by asking the bloc photos of the journalist. "Still, it's only for a few days extort" clarifies with beatific smile.

Among its supporters include the creator of Talking Heads, David Byrne, or the cartoonist Matt Groening, father of the Simpsons. And his latest madness is a show dedicated to the seven deadly sins. "My favorite is greed," says Huge stroking a prominent abdomen. Jacques pending claims to have a conversation with God. "I would say, 'Are you proud of your work, man?". Or your people have misunderstood him or not I find neither intelligent nor funny. "