Two Lillies caught moonlighting

stuart A. staples - 'Lucky Dog Recordings 03/04' released in July with contribution by Huge and Stout.

Lucky Dog Recordings 03/04

The first solo album by stuart A. staples to be released 13/7/05,

licensed from LD to Beggars Banquet it will be available on CD and


Made gradually in the LD studio over 03/04, it features

many guest musicians including 'Huge and Stout' from the Tiger Lillies,

Terry Edwards, Neil Fraser, Thomas Belhom, Yann Tiersen, Gina Foster

and David Boulter, The tracklisting is:

1. Somerset House
2. Marseilles Sunshine
3. Say Something Now
4. Friday Night
5. Shame on You
6. Untitled
7. Dark Days
8. People Fall Down
9. She don't have to be good to me
10. I've come a long way

Stuart A. Staples says in his interview in 'Comes with a Smile' Magazine.

You also use other instrumental passages quite perculiarly.

Yeah, there's one of our songs, [She Don't Have To Be Good To Me]

that's got a really long outro, that The Tiger Lillies' rhythm section

did for me. We were like, where's this going...and it just went! It

works, you know. And there's the saxaphone solo [including a great

acappella one at the end of People Fall Down]. I really wanted them.