Tiger Lillies Rock

A letter From Bizarre Magazine April 2004 in which our audience turn nasty in New York

From Bizarre Magazine April 2004

Tiger Lillies Rock

Thanks for your interview with the Tiger Lillies (issue 81). I saw them

at St. Ann?s Warehouse in Brooklyn. The crowd was made up of punk

rockers, businessmen, Goths, expatriate Eurotrash and elderly men in

tweed jackets. Following a series of particularly depressing songs, the

crowd turned nasty. Hecklers started shouting at Martyn Jacques to

hurry up his pace. He responded by telling them to fuck off, then

punished us by going even slower. The restive crowd continued to shout

at the stage, while others to shouted at the shouters. People walked

out or applauded even louder. Finally, the band stomped off and refused

to come back despite much cheering. The most enthusiastic supporters

were the elderly men in tweed jackets who shouted ?Bravo? until the

bitter end.

Any band that can inspire such a profound audience reaction deserves

legendary status even if the music isn?t also fabulous, which it is.

Pauline McHugh by Email