Tiger Lillies return to Soho Theatre May 2006

The Tiger Lillies return to the Soho Theatre with more deranged songs and deliciously dark theatrics on May 18 2006.

The Tiger Lillies return with more deranged songs and deliciously dark theatrics.  

Following phenomenal success with Shockheaded Peter and having sold out

venues across the globe The Tiger Lillies have an international

reputation for being the foremost avant-garde cabaret band in the

world. Conjuring up the macabre magic of burlesque music and fusing it

with the savage edge of punk, they come back to Soho with a concoction

of twisted new songs and tyrannous classics.


brilliant and utterly fantastic!! You'll never hear more perverse and

twisted as well as haunting and sorrowful songs. Just get a ticket by

hook or by crook, if there's any left (which I doubt) and catch them

while you can.?  Marc Almond

?Brilliantly twisted.?The Guardian