Tiger Lillies on BBC2's the Culture Show

The Tiger Lillies will perform 'GIN' on The Culture Show thursday night, BBC2.

The Tiger Lillies and Ophelia Bitz will perform the song 'GIN' on the Culture Show, Thursday 14 August 2008, BBC2. The song should be on at the end of the program. There may also be a version in the shorter Wednesday show.

The Tiger Lillies are currently performing 'The 7 Deadly Sins' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival until 30 August.

"For the next three weeks the Culture Show comes from Edinburgh and goes under the alias of The Edinburgh Festival Show. The programmes are made by the same team (the half based in Glasgow rather than London) and Lauren Laverne fronts the shows. The slot is different this week - Wednesday at 10pm - with a longer version the following day)"