Tiger Lillies on ABC Radio Australia

The band will be on ABC National's 'The Music Show' on Saturday 25 July 10am, talking and playing 2 songs. Plus short clip from on-tour video diary.

Having just arrived in Australia for their national tour, the Tiger Lillies will be on ABC National Radio's 'The Music Show' talking to Andrew Ford about freaks, outrage and low art on Saturday 25 July at 10 am (Sydney/Melbourne time).

The show is also available to listen to online for 1 month. Listen Here

The band also peforms 2 songs from their latest CD 'Freakshow'.

'Wind and the Rain' and 'Rosa with 3 Hearts'.

"This week on The Music Show

Saturday 25 July 2009

Michael Nyman discusses his latest work, Steven Isserlis talks about Schumann and the cello, and the Tiger Lillies perform bits from Shockheaded Peter and other Gory Verses."