Tiger Lillies at Soho Theatre starts 23 May for 3 weeks

The Tiger Lillies start their 3 week London residency on 23 May. The location and inspiration for many of the Lillies darkest songs, Soho will be our home until 11 June during this limited engagement.

The Tiger Lillies will be performing in the Soho Theatre for 3 weeks (23 May until 11 June at 9.30 pm each night). 


subject and muse of many Tiger Lillies songs, Soho is the perfect place

to hear the band, especially in the intimate confines of the Soho

Theatre (where our friends Kiki and Herb

had several sold out runs). We will be playing a lot of new material as

well as many old perennials, so if there are any suggestions of songs

people are dying to hear then drop us a line through our contacts page.

We shall attempt to resurrect any particularly choice tunes (though

some may be too far gone and better left as good-looking corpses).

So, expect to be shocked, moved and confused as the Tiger Lillies take to the stage in the dark heart of Soho.

This run is very limited and already selling well, so don't delay, book now!

Soho Theatre

21 Dean Street

tel 0870 429 6883