The Tiger Lilies in Sergei Bodrov's Documentary 'Drunken Sailor'

The 2nd Russian Film Festival is proud to present Sergei Bodrov's documentary film about The Tiger Lilies. Screens Friday 26 September at 20.30, London, Apollo West End

 The Tiger Lilies in Sergei Bodrov's Documentary 'Drunken Sailor'
Friday 26 September at 20.30
London, Apollo West End, Box office 0871 220 6000
"It's not surprising that their cult following is worldwide - a Tiger Lillies gig is a journey into wild emotion which passes right through melodrama and out the other side into bizarre beauty" - Evening Standard
The 2nd Russian Film Festival is proud to present Sergei Bodrov's documentary film about The Tiger Lilies. This intimate and honest portrayal of the legendary band The Tiger Lilies comes from the director of the Oscar-nominated epic 'Mongol', which has taken Britain by storm. 'Drunken Sailor' follows the band on their tour around Europe and Russia, and Bodrov's friendship with his protagonists shines through in the warmth of his portrayal.
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Russia, 2007, 85 min Documentary
Director Sergei Bodrov
Screenplay Sergei Bodrov

Sergei Bodrov follows the 'Tiger Lilies' on a tour that takes them to 5 different countries, including Russia. We are given an insight into the band's impression of the country. The film indulges the controversial band in their love for visual tricks, leading to an artistic collaboration between filmmakers and music makers. The film takes an honest, non-sensationalist look at the on and off-scene work of the band, and is a celebration of the creation and appreciation of art.
Sergei Bodrov
Director, Scriptwriter and Producer
Born in 1948, Bodrov is one of the older generation of directors who started his career in the mid-1980s. As well as being a gifted director, he is a successful scriptwriter and producer, having produced over 25 films and directed 15.  He has been living in USA since 2000, where he has co-produced and directed a well-received feature 'Quicky'. His career in Russia is marked by a number of famous titles, including a touchstone of Russian cinema in the 1990s, 'The Prisoner of the Mountains'. The film features the debut performance by Bodrov's son, Sergei Bodrov Jr., which kick-started his cinematic career. Following his performance in the cult films 'Brother' and 'Brother II', Sergei Bodrov Jr. became an iconic figure, representing the generation of post-Chechan war Russian men. For a certain period, Russian film-goers were better acquainted with Sergei Bodrov Jr. than with his father. Recently. however, Sergei Bodrov has returned to the fore with his breathtaking epic, 'Mongol'. Sergei has recently launched at the production company, which is developing a new big-budget project focussed on the history of Russian-Asian relations.
Martyn Jaques (as himself)
Countertenor and accordionist, pianist and guitarist, Jaques is the founding member of the London band 'Tiger Lilies'. He began his musical life as a busker in Leceister Square, before being chastised for his 'depressing' music. He sings about pimps, prostitutes and murderers, and is the musical director of the acclaimed opera 'Shockheaded Peter'. He also made a cameo appearance in Penny Woolcock's film 'Exodus', in which he sings and plays the piano.
Adrian Stout (as himself)
Stout joined the 'Tiger Lilies' in 1995 for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He plays the double bass and also creates eerie melodies on the musical saw.
Adrian Huge (as himself)
Huge is a percussionist who has played in the 'Tiger Lilies' since the band was founded in 1989. He uses a variety of unconventional percussive instruments to help create the band's distinctive sound.