The Margate Exodus

The Tiger Lillies have contributated a new song, 'Hailstones' to The Margate Exodus art project.

The song Hailstones will be performed by the people of Margate during The Margate Exodus.

Plagues of lice, locusts, frogs and flies, a 25-metre high sacrificial

sculpture and a cast of thousands will dramatically transform the south

coast town of Margate into a colorful and contemporary setting for an

epic film inspired by the Old Testament Book of Exodus, in which the

town?s residents will play all of the parts.

"During the day, a cycle of Plague Songs written by international

singer-songwriters and inspired by the ten biblical plagues in the Book

of Exodus, are performed by local musicians and singers at the Winter

Gardens. A diverse range of musical forces from hurdy-gurdy to hip-hop

have been uncovered through auditions held by voice coach Mary King of

Channel 4's Operatunity and musical director and multi-instrumentalist

David Coulter. Rufus Wainwright has taken a personal approach to the

Death of the First-Born whilst Scott Walker brings about Darkness. Cody

ChesnuTT communicates a higher authority with Boils and Martyn Jaques

of The Tiger Lillies evokes Hailstones. Brian Eno and Robert Wyatt take

wing together for Flies, Laurie Anderson mourns the slaughter of cattle

for Death of Livestock and Imogen Heap conjures up a swarm of locusts

in the ecstatic Glittering Cloud. A CD of the songs performed by the

original singer-songwriters will be available for Exodus Day and on

general release in October on 4AD."