Adelelaide 'Review'

From: "Garry Sedman" <[email protected]>

Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 11:09:31 +0930

To: [email protected]

Subject: adelaidefestival theatre

I read Strewelpeter as a child and loved its weirdness but also, as in the

Inky Boys, its sense of justice, albeit a bit Mosaic (as in Old Testament).

So did my sister and when I saw the advert in the Cabaret Festival thought

it a great birthday present for her. WRONG!! We both walked out after the

first five or so songs feeling nauseated and very shocked.

I wonder why no explicit warning was attached to the Adelaide Cabaret

brochure advertising, there is with nudity. Apart from your early

performance being shot through with highly predictable rhyme the attempt at

black humour was valid enough I thought at first, though the few

uncomfortable titters were rather telling.

There are a few points I want to make out of this experience. Firstly if the

Tigerlilies subject matter was aimed at offending Moslems Jews or

Palestinians, Aborigines Hindus or others there would be a WMD of public

outcry, but because its about Christianity, no-one cares, after all isn?t

the Church just riddled with paedophiles and guys like Ned Flanders?

It was a metaphysical arena with Christians, lions and part of an audience

in apparent consent of the sacrifice. Many thousands of people are dying for

their beliefs all over the world today, persecution of Christians and other

faith groups isn?t somewhere in the past, it is here now in the thousands of

martyrs in Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, the Middle East, Latin America,

Africa, India and other places. Tigerlilies shits in the dying mouths of

them all.

I'm not averse to exploring the dark side of human nature. Quite the

contrary I think it needs to be exposed, but your show is simply

exploitative of it and truly it's not funny and not entertaining. I want my

money back because I feel very strongly that I don't want to support you

blaspheming and cravenly debasing suffering in the name of Art, on your way

around the world. I feel not only I was deceived and was exceedingly hurt by

the performance.Hey even Stanislav thought Theatre of the Cruel was a heap

of shit and an utter waste of time. So what are you guys on about? I am

serious about pursuing Tigerlilies for the return of my ticket price which

is $72.00 don't think I'll let up, I won't. My name and address is

Catherine Sedman, PO Box 924, Willaston S.A. 5118.