Songs from the Gutter!

The Tiger Lillies are back with a new production inspired by Edith Piaf's extraordinary life. The world premiere of Songs from the Gutter, a sincere and pitiless tribute to France's singing icon, will be presented at the Maison de la musique de Nanterre, Paris on 27 September 2014.
Martyn Jacques, the band's front singer and songwriter, joins forces with Stephan Groegler on direction, concept, set design and with Séverine Pinkasfeld / Naia Productionson video design to portray Piaf's every day life in left-bank Paris, post WWII.
" I've met girls like Edith Piaf. They're usually described as having borderline personality disorder. They're alcoholics drug addicts and often prostitutes. Funny that she is today a symbol of French national pride, an icon. It's interesting that when asked about her mother, also a singer (and "part time" prostitute), Piaf said she could have made it but was simply unlucky. So I suppose that makes Piaf a lucky alcoholic drug and man addict. But who cares - France didn't, nor do I. She was great, electric. She came from the gutter but is one of the best singers ever. " Martyn Jacques

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