Short film of heavy drinking 'THE RELEASE'

A Russian gentleman has made a short film using a track from the Leningrad & Tiger Lillies cd 'Huiniya'. Visit his website to view and listen. Made me laugh.

This unofficial short film uses music from the CD 'Huiniya' by Leningrad & Tiger Lillies.  The original song was Cheapest Show

from Circus Songs but only Russians know what it is about now, and

Leningrad certainly only gave us the vaugest idea of how they adapted

the original. The fellows in the film seem to be enjoying its new

message. As the film maker himself says...

"This short clip is filmed during heavy drinking in celebration of an event known in the industry as "release".


of the action in the original footage is taken very sporadically and

unknowingly. This little film may also serve as a primer for drinking

beginners, by demonstrating how to enjoy alcohol, Leningrad and Tiger

Lillies music in a proper way.


no hint from this movie should be taken literally. Many things shown

here are probably very dangerous. Think of the participants as of

professional stunts crew and don't do this at home without supervision

of certified professionals."