Roll up Paris, 6th September.

Just a reminder that The Tiger Lillies will be performing a 25 minute set tomorrow night, Saturday 6th September at Le Trianon, Paris. The band will appear alongside Olivier P (Miss Knife), Joey Arias, Baby Dee and Little Annie. Booking details can be found at the TOUR section of the site.


Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome !

In this high place of pleasures Montmartre resonates a world of songs and poetry, love and melancholy, humor and derision. At night there is a confidante, mirror universe where the lines become blurred and codes fade. 

"Miss Knife" is our blue throughout the evening angel. Under his black feathers perched on infinite stilettos, she recites her painful or insolent romances. Painted lips and body gloved a sheath dress, Olivier Py surrenders in majesty. Accompanied by a harp or piano, Baby Dee, shemale multi-instrumentalist, is a dreamer unclassifiable. She who was choir specializing in liturgical repertoire now sailing on ocean unclassifiable pop-tinged folk, rock and jazz, with his accomplice Little Annie, alto against the gravelly voice. 

Muse of New York clubs, Joey Arias is a diva who electrifies rooms. Performer flamboyant verve to the stripper, he flew to whimsical and lush galaxies, and sings like no other Billie Holiday or Klaus Nomi which he was the friend and confidant. Finally, it is a "rock-Brechtian" planet come The Tiger Lillies. The London trio raised in the punk culture inspired burlesque 1930 in a world where the squeaky macabre grinning juggles the sublime. 

Wilkommen, welcome, welcome: Cabaret!