Punch and Judy Review

P & J Review by Bryan Johnston, "Brilliant, but leave the kids at home" ****

The Tiger Lillies reviewed by Bryan Johnston

The Tiger Lillies have arrived at the Festival with a sordid tale of Mr

Punch and his exploites, in a cackle of darkly comedic songs, puppets

and video. An end-of-the-pier Punch and Judy show this is not.

As the lillies enter the stage we are greeted with a menacing Mr Punch

teetering at the front of the stage. His first utterance? "Murder

is good, murder is fun it's better than sex I always . .  . well

you get the picture. Taking us through Punch's life; courting Judy, the

birth and subsiquent death of their child and ultimately to the hanging

of Punch himself we are led through a series of even more Macabre

songs, most of which are too explicit to put in a review.   

Accompanying the live action with some silent film

and large blow up puppets is all very well, although the

show did lack a theatricality.

At times it felt like we

were watching a concert by the bastard sons of Tom Lehrer, but still

for some entertaining songs and the most screwed up Punch and Judy you

will ever see this is hilarious. Brilliant, but leave the kids at home.