Punch and Judy Photos and Review

A set of photos and review from Punch and Judy at Pod Deco, Edinburgh Fringe Festival...By Cheryl

Visit Cheryl's Photo Album for these photos taken during Punch and Judy at the Pod Deco 2004. Thanks Cheryl, these are pretty good,

Also, here is her review of the show from the Edinburgh Fringe website. To say there has been mixed opinions of the show would be an understatment!

***** Enjoy!!!! 19 Aug 2004
reviewer: cheryl bird, England

The only thing i'm disappointed with are these negative reviews! I

thought they were excellent and its good to see the dark side of their

repertoire pushed to the front. It's telling how most of the bad

reviews compare it to SHP, though. Shame people want to see the same

thing over and of the things i like most about these guys

are they are constantly coming up with something NEW .Don't expect a

Fringe Festival show to be as polished as a long-running London show!

Well, I liked it a lot, despite the admittedly rough edges, so if you

want to see something gloriously twisted i recommend this to you.