Plague Songs 'review'

Rolling Stone magazine review of Plague Songs. It gave us a laugh at least.

Another reason why 'Rock Journalism' is such an oxymoron. RIP Hunter S Thompson.

The ten plagues of Egypt were good for the Jews -- brought down by

Moses, Aaron and their boss Jehovah to help those long-ago Middle East

good guys get out from under. But when a British filmmaker got grant

money to commission songs about said plagues as part of her muddled

re-enactment of the Exodus, what were her arty artistes to do? Make

locusts and boils sound like liberation? Instead, Brian Eno and Laurie

Anderson escape into depressive murmurs, Scott Walker and the Tiger Lillies offer competing Antony and the Johnsons imitations,

wan London rapper Klashnekoff and typographically challenged soulster

Cody ChestnuTT fulfill their quota, and King Creosote associates frogs

with loneliness because they didn't ask him to write one about roses.

At least Rufus Wainwright moves the firstborn-son action to

Westchester. And thank G-d Stephin Merritt risks "necessary heresy."

"Fleas, fleas, STDs/All of Egypt on her knees" -- that's the spirit.