On Stage at Meltdown

Photo added to the Gallery of Tiger Lillies on stage during Stand Bravely Brothers at Royal Festival Hall on 23 June plus Observer Review.


is a lovely trio of numbers from the Tiger Lillies; Martyn Jacques's

crazed falsetto on 'Ballad of Sexual Dependency' draws a big hoot from

the crowd." Molloy Woodcraft, The Observer


Tiger Lillies performed 3 Brecht songs at Stand Bravely Brothers which

were 'The Ballard of Sexual Dependency' (seen above), 'The Song of the

Drowning Girl' and 'Remembering Marie A'.  There was a great

response from the audience to the songs and it was a wonderful night.

We may play some American dates with The Dresden Dolls in October if we

can find some dates that suit both bands, they are keen to arrange

something. The Tiger Lillies will be touring the US and Mexico in

October/November, dates will be added once they are confirmed.

These 3 songs hopefully will appear on our next album along with most

of the other new songs that we performed during our run at the Soho

Theatre. As we're are off to Paris next week to start rehearsal of The

Little Match Girl we are doing less public performances. The Match Girl

will play preview shows in Catania, Scilly during July before it

officially premieres in Denmark in August.