New theatre show 'The Tale of Franz Biberkopf' to open in Frankfurt.

The Tiger Lillies are starring in a new theatre production 'The Tale of Franz Biberkopf' at The Schauspiel in Frankfurt, the largest theatre in the Rhine-Main region of Germany. This new show is a collaboration with the director Stephanie Mohr with whom the band worked with on a critically acclaimed version of 'Woyzevk' in 2011. For dates please check the TOUR section of the site. 

The Tale of Franz Biberkopf.

Alfred Döblin's Berlin Alexanderplatz is, next to James Joyce's Ulysses and Manhattan Transfer by John Dos Passos, among the most important city based novels of world literature. What is largely unknown is that Döblin used the title The tale of Franz Biberkopf for the radio adaptation of his masterpiece. It is the story of the ex-convict Franz Biberkopf, who has resolved to earn his money through honest work but ends up feeling humiliated and goes off the rails again. Even more clearly stylized in Alfred Döblin's novel is the way his is tested like Job; the struggle of the individual against the all-powerful Moloch city that through seduction and betrayal breaks its unequal opponents who must eventually bow down to it. 

Döblin's partly dark and often comedic, but always touching, cityscape panorama is made for the black humour and melancholy of the English band The Tiger Lillies. They are considered the 'fore fathers of Brechtian Punk Cabaret', combining circus elements with their British humour and thus creating their own unique sound. They have worked with director Stephanie Mohr for many years and together they brought the legendary version of Woyzeck to Vienna in 2011.