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Wednesday 2 December 2009
You can "The Tiger Lillies Freakshow" experience in two ways: irritated at the beginning and then thrilled or excited from the outset. The confusion here has nothing to do with the freaks in the show, but rather with the announcement of the show. For the genial-weird music of the Tiger Lillies is precisely not to follow a dark circus or a theater, it behaves exactly the other way: The focus is clearly the band that grabs their music in the conceptual framework of a circus freak. Those who expect to visit the show and an acrobatic bangers and a "freaky perversion" after another, will certainly be disappointed, although there are certainly some very impressive numbers, but they are not an evening for themselves. Most deposits are simply meant to reflect an artistic way to reflect the content of the music, once you understand it, swings the irritation then quickly around in excitement, because no one waits more spectacular and acrobatic artistry in every issue it can engage fully on the music.

And the music of the Tiger Lillies to the composer, singer and accordionist Martyn Jacques, with his percussionist Adrian Huge and Adrian Stout bass is really unique! Nostalgic and wistful, whimsical and bizarre, totally worn Jacques sings in a mixture of vaudeville of the 19 Century cabaret in the 1920 and 1930, a touch of burlesque and a lot of circus in his distinctive British English about the freaks, strange creatures and bizarre figures, who in the 19th Century sideshows ogled carted from year to year, the market and became market. He sings of her dreams, desires and fears, sometimes compassionate, sometimes cynical British with a decent pinch of humor. There's about a song about the snake woman who is actually present in the form of an artist on stage, one can regret about the woman with the longest hair in the world, then the audience in her trailer, because a song is about a man with six arms, accepting a huge doll figure and waving his arms or of Siamese twins, who in person represented by two acrobats and then "forcibly" separated. But the two dwarfs in "The Tiger Lillies Freakshow" are struggling in real life with their handicap.

Set design and lighting are extremely able to call almost as lovingly. The scenery consists of various circus or caravans, which are - hanging in the air, illuminated in part - from the inside and open up for one or two freak. Many small and light special effects makes for a somber mood and a fantastic obscure, magical atmosphere, inviting you to dream and shudder.

And at the very end even those who come at their expense, have expected more acrobatics. On the trapeze, the "Siamese twins" Ele and Julia Janke deliver a legendary performance that has been seen as diligent as vaudeville attendees still nowhere. Fluent in both interdependence represent in a breathtaking way, they crash, keep, encrypt and embrace each other until they end yet again completely in parallel to act alone, but not independent.

It was a shrewd move by Tollwood to choose a smaller tent for the performances, and not like last year, slightly oversized for the "Restaurant Theater" Peter Pan. The intimate atmosphere and focus on the artists doing both audience and Tollwood good - it just stands out at the Tiger Lillies, who build with their mix of concert and circus atmosphere of a close relationship with the audience.

Morbid Lust
? ? The Tiger Lillies Freakshow "the Tollwood Festival

No, the Tiger Lillies had reinvented itself, can not be stated. Is rather surprising how they manage to beat from a limited subject area for over 20 years, always new sparks. The newest is called "The Tiger Lillies Freakshow" and is now seeing for the first time in Germany, at the Tollwood Festival (until Monday, and there are) still remaining tickets.

The world of the circus, "the juggler, the freaks, the whores and young rogue has always been the theme of the three London musicians. Led by singer and accordionist Martyn Jacques and his distinctive falsetto vocals, the trio plays a mix of vaudeville, cabaret and ballad singing, and again one means to discern a little bit of Brecht and Weill. The result is a magical and mysterious atmosphere of a circus tent, a blend of melancholy and wickedness, which is beautiful in places almost to tears.

Of course, that fits well with the theme of "Freak Show". Especially in the 19 Century, traveled from fair to fair and showed the astonished public out of the ordinary: deformed man of small stature, deformed, the famous "lady without legs," the "strongest man in the world" and the like. The German director Sebastiano Toma, who was acquainted with the theater group "Flying Buildings", has now collected together with the Tiger Lillies some kind of freak show, with songs specially written. And with acrobats. Since the snake is about Mrs. Alba, representing in their presence to the audience hurts every single sacral vertebra. . . Or the diminutive pair of Irene and Roland Hofer, the twins, and Ele and Julia Janke, decide what the program with a phenomenal trapeze.

That sounds like a gymnastic show with musical accompaniment - but fortunately it is not. Most of the acrobatics is used very withdrawn. This is good because the songs of the Tiger Lillies, with its morbid delight and charm of Abseitigen also live by the fantasies that trigger them in the audience. And this is, thank God, lots of room in the well and a half hours. FRANZ KOTTEDER