Mikhalkov brought satanists to Moscow

"English perverts celebrated sex with sheep at the film festival". Alena Fadeeva, an investigative Russian journalist, reveals our true homofascist reputation and evil to the world at last....Thank God.

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Mikhalkov brought satanists to Moscow 

English perverts celebrated sex with sheep at the film festival

Lord I am a sinner
I had sex with sheep
And when I did have sex with them
Insertion it was deep.
From The Tiger Lillies Song ?Sheep?

Alena Fadeeva
10th July 2001

Before the closing ceremony of the 23th international film festival in

Moscow a scandal broke out. Within the happenings of the youth forum,

taking place at Romanov Dvor, to attend the premieres of Bodrovs? (the

Sr. and the Jr.) films, the organizers invited the most radical

homofascist band, the English Tiger Lillies, who glorify murder,

perversity and sadonazism. Our correspondent Alena Fadeeva made an

attempt to find out about the details of the scandal.

Moral Freaks

As if we lack our own avant garde idiots like Mavromatti who crucified

himself near the Church of Our Saviour, or Brener, who ejaculated on

the same Church before the public, or Ter-Organyan who destroyed

ancient icons with an axe. One of those ?artists? has just been

released from the jail, the other two are escaping from the secret

services. Now we are offered to see imported Satanists.


the premiere of the films of the two well-known film-makers, the

British Tiger Lillies performed, who have been determined by the

Western media as ?the most incorrigible scoundrels, blasphemers and

sado-nazi in the world?. The Tiger Lillies are banned over Europe, and

they play only in the skinheads? clubs. For example, playing the song

about how hilarious it is to nail Jesus to the cross, the bassist puts

red horns with electric bulbs on his head, changing it to an infernal

death mask. Some tricky device makes some liquid pour from under it,

imitating blood...

The English musicians had a little idea

about how popular they are in Russia ? about a thousand young people

revelled in their fascist masterpieces. In addition to that, they

arranged the stage and lighting as well as they did for Sting, whom The

Tiger Lillies call ?a political bum?. As it appeared to be, the

Englishmen are not strangers in Russia, and the vocalist has even got a

favourite souvenir ? a small accordion that he plays on their travels.


?We aren?t into big politics ? it?s all on the stage. We?re not Sting,

?the fighter for human rights?! Many people say that Tiny Tim (the

notorious American nazi ? the author?s remark) is our idol, but we also

love Edith Piaf and Janet Jackson, they are our queens! We?re so happy

that we?re understood here!? ? so Martyn Jacques, the band vocalist,

bragged about after the show.

Our human rights defenders think different.

?That?s totally outrageous?, says indignantly Alexander Nalichin, the

member of the social movement ?Pure conscience?: ?There are abandoned

children in the streets, perverted sadists are wandering in the parks,

and those well-known artists appeal for depravity! We have our own

satanists on every corner! And that?s Mikhalkov, who talks about

morality all the time, and goes to the church with a candle! We?ll get

to higher authorities, to the mayor: such must not be allowed not only

to Moscow but to the country!

Having addressed to the Moscow Patriarchate, we got a cagey answer:

- Mikhalkov did invite a blasphemous band to the festival? You have

misunderstood something?, - an anonymous man?s vioce answered on the

other end of the line: ?If they were invited, things aren?t that bad.

The Church, at least, doesn?t know this band. You should listen to

these people first and then talk?.


* The Tiger Lillies band was named after a notorious English

prostitute, who had been atrociously murdered by a maniac. The band was

founded in London in 1989.

* The vocalist, Martyn Jacques,

who's childhood dream was to become a pimp, was kicked out of a

theology college for placing a pig's head with a cigarette in its

nostril on the altar of the local church. He was suspected for drug

dealing and being a pimp.

* They say that the bassist, Adrian Stout, wears dresses of prostitutes murdeded by maniacs.

* In the Good Friday, 28th May, 1997, the band had desecrated a church

in Islington where they played a concert. Tickets at cut rates were

sold to those who would wear costumes of Jesus or Virgin Mary. 


* An inflatable sheep called Wellington is the band?s fetish.

*When the band first came to Moscow, they were mistaken for a transvestite show.