Lulu - A Murder Ballad at The The Royal Opera House.

The band have been enjoying a sold-out run if their show 'Lulu - A Murder Ballad' at The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. Martyn appeared on ITV London news and the reviews have been great: 

"And this is where the Tiger Lillies succeed: they are carnival and cabaret, in the original senses of the words. Seedy. Underground. Turning the world on its head. Watching them perform, you have to enjoy the show on their terms, which are shamelessly dark, hideously witty and beautifully macabre. Combined with the tale of Lulu, this is a twisted ramble through nineteenth century Europe, with a soundtrack that you won’tshake off easily.”

 A Younger Theatre


“Providing a heady cocktail of Weimar cabaret and twisted Music Hall with a dash of Grand Guignol to spice things up, Martyn Jacques' trio are jaunty, post-punk nightcrawlers, renegade musicians who cleave to the after-dark melodrama of sex, death and the macabre.

[…] What marvels there are to be seen i. designer Martin Holthusen's graphics that transport us from Expressionist cinematic animations of Germany to Belle Epoque Paris, the fleshpots of Cairo and thence to smog-encumbered London.”

The Stage


“Brillianly theatrical and hugely entertaining […] It’s definitely not something that your maiden aunt would approve of – the sex and violence are rather graphically evoked – but the rest of us will be mesmerised. Berg brings tragic depth and musical complexity to Lulu; the Tiger Lillies give us the low-down dirty version. Guess which one is the more fun?”

**** The Telegraph


“In the realm of performance art The Tiger Lillies are the real deal […] Dancer Laura Caldow embodies Lulu throughout the evening via expressive interaction with director - designer Mark Holthusen's dazzling virtual sets. Computer visualisation doesn't get better than this: layer upon layer of projected environments shuffle and morph, and even the proscenium arch is a screen. One minute it's naturalistic, the next it hallucinates.

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