Living Hell video shoot stills

Some photos from the 'Living Hell' video shoot in San Francisco.

The Tiger Lillies have been in San Francisco making a video of the song 'Living Hell' from the upcoming cd 'Ancient Mariner'. Photographer Mark Holthusen, who has previously worked with the band on some pictures, invited us to make a video while we were in San Francisco. We soon found ourselves in a studio, covered in dirt and floating in a large tank of water for 2 days. The film also features Freddie from local band Rube Waddell as the Mariner. Set onboard the Mariners cursed ship, the band play while the Mariner goes ever more insane, killing the albatros and condemning all to a watery grave. Shot on green screen, the boat and other backgrounds will be added in post production.

All photos by Myles Boisen, the producer of the Ancient Mariner album.