Little Match Girl premiers on 20 August

Our new theatre show 'The Little Match Girl' opens in Copenhagen on 20/08/05 with 12 new songs based on the Hans Christian Andersen classic.

Hans Christian Andersen, Between Two Worlds


Christian Andersen?s own life was a fairy tale. The son of a poor

cobbler, he died a rich and celebrated man, intimate with kings and

famous artists and writers, among them Charles Dickens. He cared a lot

about his image and appeared everywhere with an inseparable top hat. He

wrote two hundred and ten tales, translated across Europe, making him

the best-known Scandinavian writer of his time. Though the spectre of

poverty disappeared from his life when he was still quite young, the

social misery he experienced as a child left lasting marks: his tales

give voice to the powerless, the social outcast ? the children, the

poor, the very old, all of them traditionally mute and oppressed.

Andersen?s fairy tales corresponded to the urge to speak out for a

writer who did not come from a genteel class, but from the lower ranks

of society, deprived and uneducated.
Unlike traditional fairy

tales, set in distant lands ?once upon a time?, Andersen set his tales

in the familiar and contemporary world, making fantastic descriptions

stem from realistic ones and investing everyday objects with life and

magical powers. His imaginative spirit transfigured the real world and

opened up another one, wonderful and spiritual. However, his fairy

tales cast a shadow. They are as mournful as they are wonderful: they

caught the spirit of dissolution contained in those times, caused by

the disappearance of an old world, gradually replaced by the modern one

born with the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Among

Andersen?s tales, The Little Match Girl (1846) is perhaps the most

heart-wrenching in its unflinching depiction of the sufferings endured

by a poor little girl.

Stage Director: DAN JEMMETT
Music and Lyrics: MARTYN JACQUES
Set Designer : DICK BIRD

Performed by : THE TIGER LILLIES ? Martyn Jacques (vocals, piano), Adrian Huge (percussions), Adrian Stout (double bass)


Betty Nansen Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark 20/08/2005 - 20:00