Leaving New York, next stop Prague

The Tiger Lillies and the original company of Shockheaded Peter leave New York today. Our next concert is Prague on May 5...

Well, after 10 weeks the original devising company and the Tiger

Lillies are leaving New York today. The new US cast will now take over

full time and will be performing Shockheaded Peter at the Little

Shubert for an open-ended period. Best of luck to them. Visit

for info and show times. We hope to come back to New York to play some

Tiger Lillies concerts in August of this year and return again for

Halloween at St. Annes warehouse in Brooklyn.

The Tiger Lillies will get back to playing concerts, starting with a

gig at Abaton in Prague on May 5, then we visit Poland, Germany and the

Netherlands before returning home to London in May.

Our three-week residency at the Soho Theatre begins on May 23, and we

will performing a mixture of old and new songs, but it will be a

changing set and hopefully will include guest appearances by several

different performers on some nights.  So tell your friends and

visit us in Soho while we are there. The show starts at 9.30 pm each


We are planning other concerts in Russia, Israel, Mexico, Berlin and a

Tiger Lillies Circus tour of the Netherlands during the late summer.

Keep an eye on the website for confirmed shows.

And finally we will be starting rehearsal of our new show ?The Little

Match Girl? based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson during the

early summer months. The official premier is August 20 in Copenhagen.

As it is still in development there is not much to tell, but details

will be posted as things move along.

Thanks for all the people who came to see Shockheaded in New York,

especially those who came from other countries and cities just to catch



The Tiger Lillies