Gramaphone is now available

Finally, the Gramaphone is ready. You can now listen to Tiger Lillies music on our site. Torture your friends.

We have completed the Gramaphone

section of our website and it is now possible to hear our songs on

line. On each track's page there's a link labelled "Listen to this

song" - click it to listen a sample of that song. Most songs will have

30 second previews, but certain tracks will have the full version

available to hear for limited periods.

At present we

have 3 cds available to hear, and we haven't yet had the chance to

upload music from all our albums, so if your favourite song is missing

its listening link on the recordings page, no need for despair - it'll

be there soon enough! We also hope to add special tracks, such as

unrelased and live versions, interviews, out takes and oddities.

Then some technicalities. The gramophone requires the Flash plugin (if you don't have it go get it here)

and javascript must be enabled. And as it appears in a pop-up window,

some overly draconian pop-up blockers might prevent it from opening,

lest your machine be filled with scum and filth.